Featuring: Think French farmhouse.  Simple, elegant and elemental.  This beautifully pieced, solid wood table is made from 100% reclaimed lumber, sanded and minimally finished with a stony gray wash to highlight the natural grain and distressing.


Dimensions: 76 W X 30 H X 43 D (in)

Weight: 135 lbs

Materials: Reclaimed Pines and Firs


Notes:  This table is made with reclaimed wood.  Each table will have unique characteristics and imperfections associated with the reclaimed material.  The top will be uneven and may have groves, nail holes, and other indents. 


Finishing Note:   In an effort to maintain the natural characteristics of the wood, we minimally finish this table.  Please note it is susceptible to stains and damage from liquids or harsh chemicals. 



Loire Dining Table